"Knowledge, shared, brings more knowledge."

Thinktank Curaden Academy Avola

A beautiful place, Tenuta Palmeri. Sun!

Landscape! Vacation! Olives! Grappa! Wine! Thinktank! - Stop, a thinktank?

To prevention? Exactly: prevention is a lot, but it should be one thing in particular:

enjoyment of life.


Topics, directions

Health, that's what this thinktank is all about, specifically about prevention: this is the place where people meet and stimulate, who have to do with nutrition, with medicine, with dental medicine. People who want something to develop. New. Useful.


Prevention is the joy of life

It's all about new things: prevention, which is pleasurable, makes pleasure, works. It has to do with knowledge, with skill, with new thinking, with distance, with time, with landscape, expanse, sea and sky, with laughter and enjoyment and listening and talking and relaxing and stimulating.


So that's the Curaden Academy Avola Thinktank

Unofficially, he has been around for a long time. And in the summer of 2016, we officially opened it as a meeting center and space of thought. That this think tank also includes the organic wine Tenuta Palmeri, understands itself well from the idea of joy of life.