"Joy, shared, brings more joy."

Holidays at Tenuta Palmeri

The Curaden Academy Avola, the winery, the wonderful landscape, the beach, the sea and the town - Tenuta Palmeri is not only a place to live, but also a holiday. Both are very good.

Relaxation that stimulates

Relaxation that stimulates

As if the combination of thinktank, farm and holiday resort created a new energy: Here are the blue sky - new ideas elicited, the wonderful landscape - new projects. And with all this - the soul dangles, the mind relaxes, the body recovers.

Thikntank: beach, bay and gorge

Beach, bay and canyon

Tenuta Palmeri and its nature: the sea, the beaches, «Avola Lido», the bay «Calamosche», the seaside resort «Vendicari», a nature reserve, the most important wetland in Sicily, and the «Cava Grande». In this canyon, in the heat of the Sicilian summer, you can enjoy a bath in cool fresh water - in the midst of imposing rock formations.

The towns of southern Sicily

The towns of southern Sicily

Tenuta Palmeri and its towns: Avola, directly on the sea, picturesque. Noto, a beautiful Baroque city. Syracuse, lively, glad, the largest city in Sicily for centuries. And Catania: lively, full of energy and this fantastic fish market. Modica and Ragusa. Discover! And culture: The Romans were there, before the Greeks, and even today you can see that there is a lot to admire and to experience.

Living on Tenuta Palmeri

The Tenuta Palmeri has three apartments next to the main house called Appartamenti. Two of them, Piscina and Palma, are in the same house. Here, in the basement, there is also the Garage-Vinery.