"Knowledge, enjoyment, joy - sharing them brings more."

About us, the owners and friends of Tenuta Palmeri

From the Lutri family to the Breitschmid-Heiniger family and from there to Curaden AG. Lived and used and vacation is still going on. And thought and discussed a lot.

Who seeks, finds

He was looking for honey, and then Ueli Breitschmid learned that the estate he entered was for sale, just north of Avola, at the foot of Mount Iblei, 140 meters above the sea. The family Erika and Ueli Breitschmid-Heiniger knew Sicily very well. Here they were with their children regularly on vacation. Rented an apartment, sometimes a house there. But what about having a place, a home, in Sicily forever?


Family, Friends

Already in the fall of 2002, a few weeks after these family vacations, she and previous owner Pietro Lutri signed the sales contract. From then on, the family was here more often, not just once a year for the summer holidays, even under the year. And with her: friends, acquaintances, relatives.


Wine, good

Just to recover, but this was especially for Ueli Breitschmid a too big task. He had two plans, one he soon began to realize: turning the estate into a bio-wine estate. Plant vines. And more olive trees. Convert the smaller buildings into holiday apartments. The pool.


Tenuta Palmeri, Thinktank

And that was the second plan: The organic wine should be a thinktank. That's it, somehow: Many acquaintances, active in the dental medicine and related fields, were already here, discussed, brought ideas. Ideas that even led to concrete projects.


New owners, everything stays the same

But this requires planning, organization. So Tenuta Palmeri was over-written for the purpose of officially founding the Think Tank of Curaden AG. This Swiss company is owned by Ueli Breitschmid and active in the dental industry. Life on Tenuta Palmeri continues as usual. Except that there is now officially a thinktank.


Opening, August 2016

Soon, the think tank was opened in an official act: with Mayor Luca Cannata, dr. Ulrich Randoll and dr. Volker Jörger and a large number of guests from Avola and Switzerland. Tenuta Palmeri is thus the first Thinktank with holiday apartments - and own organic wine estate.


Prevention, joy

Thematically, the Thinktank revolves around prevention, health, dental medicine and vitality. Because this is important for both the Breitschmid-Heiniger family and the Curaden AG: Prevention and joy of life go hand in hand.

The philosophy, diversity

That something brings a lot of joy, if you share it - that was from the beginning a kind of leitmotif. Openness is important, it brings excitement, good conversation, new ideas. Of course, health and enjoyment are also part of it. Tenuta Palmeri was originally acquired for recreation, for the holidays. That's why organic farming, biodiversity, natural resources, mechanical tillage. And even in the pool, there is no chlorine, but there are salts that act against the formation of algae.

The team, here and there

The Family Breitschmid-Heiniger:

Ueli Breitschmid

Erika Breitschmid-Heiniger

Christine Breitschmid

Nora Breitschmid

Carla Breitschmid

Curaden AG: Marizela Escher, Curaden Academy Avola.
The Tenuta-Palmeri-Team: Antonio Greco, Verwalter, Enzo Tiralongo, Gärtner.